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About Us

ANICASE is a company based in New York City that creates uniquely molded 3-D iPhone cases with designs based on endangered species. ANICASE provides premium protection for iPhones, and a portion of the company’s net profits goes to support endangered species and their habitats. Our aim is to bring these animals back from the brink of extinction with style. 

ANICASE was born out of compassion for our animal neighbors. We realized the increasing number of endangered species disappearing from our planet and value the importance of bringing awareness home. We want to empower individuals to make an effort to conserve these species in need. Ten percent of our net profits are donated to endangered species conservation efforts.

ANICASE is aware. We have compiled and published information that one would not normally encounter on an iPhone case. By providing important facts and figures, ANICASE establishes an emotional connection. The information provided when one purchases an ANICASE product is pertinent, relevant, and shareable. 


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